Environmental Health Implications of Global Climate Exchange

You are the presidential adviser faced with addressing the environmental health implications of global climate change. Provide an overview of what issues you are expecting in the next 5-10 years and how you would address them. Do current environmental policies address these issues? What policy suggestions do you have?
Please answer the question in a 2-3 page executive summary.
Be sure to include
A. what do you think the most pressing environmental health issues from global climate change will be in the next 5-10 years?
B. Explanation of why these issues are important
C. Are current policies sufficient to address these issues? Or make suggestions of new policies
D. Will regulation be enough to improve outcomes?
E. Present alternate solutions to regulation

You can choose from one of the following topics these are just suggestions
1. Air pollution
2. Allergens
3. Wildfires
4. Temperature Extremes
5. Precipitation Extremes
6. Diseases Carried by Vectors
7. Food and waterborne Diarrheal Disease
Only choose 1 topic and remember what your job title is and the fact that this executive summary is going to be seen by the president of the United States. So make sure your information is formal in nature.

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