ESSAY Question: The dominant neoliberal capitalist ideology that drives contemporary living can sometimes makes life hellish.” Discuss this statement.

Project description
Your answers should reflect both wider reading and your own personal opinion
Your answers should be articulate, insightful and academic
Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, just well researched, cogently argued answers
Please kindly look at the PowerPoint before answering the question. Please use some ideas form the PowerPoint.
Here is some key references to used please add at least 6 more

Recommended References:
A Users Guide to Dtournement
Dtournement as Negation and Prelude
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Neoliberalism refers to the attempt to reorganise society and the state on the basis of an ideal of the market. Neoliberalism proclaims that the logic of business and money is the best determinant of human happiness. Neoliberalism also says that human beings cant be trusted, so the market must necessarily dictate what the people want. Every category of human interaction, therefore from the public sector to the intimate adventures of love and lust must be made to work more like a market, with in-built competitive mechanisms and cost controls. Every personal choice, including democratic choice, must be subsumed into the logic of the market: flesh itself can be remoulded for profit. We are told that this is what liberty looks like. Neoliberalism is an attempt to build a Machinery of Freedom, in the words of David Friedman, in which human beings are economic creatures first and foremost. Everything we do should be about maximising utility, whether its in a relationship, in a job, or in social situations. The self is just an entrepreneurial project. The body is just human capital, a set of resources whether the brain, the breasts or the biceps which can be put to work generating an income stream.
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