Putting it in a nutshell, an essay is an explorative and creative piece of writing regarding a particular topic. Essays are one of those academic activities which remain a constant part of students’ education throughout their academic career; although, with increase in level of study which they persuade, the demand for an equally higher quality level also elevates. There are various different types of essays depending upon the purpose for which they are written. Of all those types, the most common ones are descriptive essays, narrative essays, persuasive essays and expository essays. Each of these four types has its own importance and each requires considerable amount of your time and concentration.

Descriptive Essay:

A descriptive essay is the one in which all a student has to do is describing a particular event, object, person or place. This type of essay is the easiest amongst all and is a compulsive part of coursework right from the primary classes to the high school classes.  The primary purpose of this type of essay writing is to stimulate the creativity in students and to make them bring their imagination in use.

Narrative Essays:

In narrative essays students are asked to write about their accounts and experiences regarding a particular event. This type of essays falls near story telling which yet again is very useful to let students think and write out their thoughts. Narrative essay writing is a healthy activity since students find it more interesting than other types of essays which involve the use of a rather fact based and formal style of writing.

Expository essays:

These essays involve the use of facts and figures in favor or in opposition to a particular statement. Students are introduced with this style of essay writing once they are mature and senior enough to support their ideas and opinions. These types of essays are best for debates and class discussion sessions. The aim of this type of essay writing is to make students think critically.

Persuasive Essays:

Persuasive essays fall in the category of those tasks which are relevant and constructive for students engaged in higher levels of studies. These essays help a teacher to assess the convincing power of students. The structure of these essays is entirely different from other regular types of essays. Students, through these essays, are supposed to take a stand and then defense their point of view with the aid of logic and facts.

A good essay, regardless of the category to which it belongs, includes some key attributes, which namely are precision, impressive and engaging writing style, use of facts (if any), an grammatical error free text body and proper formatting (in accordance with a particular format style). Incorporating all these factors in an essay is not an easy task since it demands your time, focus and enough knowledge of writing skills.

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