Estimates in our everyday life

In this class we learned to make estimates to appreciate the rough sizes of things such as the number of stars in the galaxy. But you can make estimates in every day life….Many people are afraid of terrorists. (a) Estimate the number of people killed in America by terrorists during the last 10 years. Estimate, NOT a precise number. Look up on the www. Like a good scientist, give references. (b) Estimate the number of Americans killed by lightening in 10 years. Which is bigger, (a) or (b)? (c) Estimate the number of Americans killed in car accidents during the same period. (d) Estimate the number who died of cancer during those 10 years (For estimates it is fine to take figures for one year and multiply by 10.) Do these figures affect any fears you personally might have? Why or why not? Find out (e) how much the US spends on the military each year, and (f) how much is spent on cancer research. Do you think this is a wise balance?

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