Estimating the Effect of Installing Hidden Speed-Enforcement Cameras on Road Safety

Literature Review Outline:
I. Introduction ( the goal of this chapter)
II. Road Safety
1) Road Safety Definition
2) Road Safety in the World
3) Road Safety in Saudi Arabia
4) Relationship between Road Safety and Speeding
Collision Risk
Collision Consequence
III. Automated Speed Enforcement
1) Introduction,
Types (Fixed , Mobile and Hidden),
2) Speed Enforcement Program in Saudi Arabia
IV. Impact of Speed Enforcement Cameras ( what previous studies have been found and shown)
1) The effects of Automated Speed Enforcement on Traffic Safety
2) The effects of Automated Speed Enforcement on Speeding Behavior and Speed
3) The impacts of speed enforcement cameras on speed and safety on Freeways.
4) Emulation Methods that have been used in evaluating the effects of speed enforcement cameras on safety.
5) Summary of Findings ( prefer creating a table that shows all the findings)
V. Observational Before-After Approaches
1) Introduction ( Write about the Basic Concepts of 4-step procedure of Before-After Study and its basic formulas, and key notations)
2) Methods ( For each method, write about 1- its assumptions, 2- formulas, 3- advantages, and disadvantages)
a) Simple or Nave Before-and-After Study with Ratio of Durations
b) Simple or Nave Before-and-After Study with Correction for Traffic volumes
c) Before-and-After Study with Comparison Group Method
d) Empirical Byes Before-and-After Study ( add a paragraph for addressing Regression-to-mean bias and explain how Empirical Bayesian method solves this problem)
e) Summary (and create a table compares all the methods based on their strengths and weakness at the end)
VI. Safety Performance Functions
1) What are they?
2) How are they used?
3) Use of Safety Performance Functions in Observational Before-After Approaches
4) Relationship between Traffic Volume and Crashes
5) Relationship between Segment Length and Crashes
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