Explore millennial consumer behaviour towards luxury fashion in china

Project description
I have completed Chapter 1 and i still need help with it

Chapter 2 literature review: Explaining definition of millennials as a whole explaining why millennials is a potential generation on buying goods. reviewing millennial generational charateristics
further- explaining definition of luxury fashion
further- Bringing out China explaining some previous politics such as Tiananmen and sealed policy system to the outside world One child policy (i want to explain some limitations of chinese people such as blocked facebook, too many fake goods etc)
and explaining why chinese consumer is a potential market ( high spending power) and
Further- reviewing consumer behaviour and charateratics of chinese millennials as China has tier 1 tier 2 and tier 3 cities, and behaviour of them are varies. (logo bearing, authenticity of goods )
Chapter 3 Methodology I will need to interviews and survey, i have already done a survey but i will need a day or 2 to collect enough data , and interview i currently don’t have as i have based in the UK and theres limitation to interview people in china, i could get 2 interviews of chinese speaker employees who work at saint laurent paris and Gucci as i know they are heats in china and to chinese millennial.
Chapter 4 & 5 analysis and discussions of my literature review and findings
Chapter 6 conclusion and recommendation (try to answer most of the objectives on chapter one and recommendation (i have no idea yet)

i will send you all i have at the moment and i hope you could give opinion for further writing as well please, i am capable to answer question till very late night and very responsive that i am able to corporate with you when you have anything unclear and anything you want me to do and also when i have any ideas and perspectives i will let you know too)
Interviews and survey i will need a day or 2 to complete it
i also need references and appendix please
Added on 04.05.2016 19:38
This is the survey questions https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Preview/?sm=b7vnk2Cl2_2BE_2BROSWbP1A2r5J7znGWKAI2lGWn2M5G7o_3D
i will try to build up an interview questions tonight and i will send it up too

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