fashion business plan – fashion management plan

Project description
** I will send attachments for more infos and instructions. PLEASE READ THOSE DOCUMENTS THAT I SEND FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.

Fashion Entrepreneur class
Management Plan 25 points
Due May 10 6:15PM

Instructions: Write a Management Plan for your company, including information listed for the following 3 major subtopics:

1. Team Members / Job descriptions (3/4 of one page writing) 0 – 10_________
This section is to be written in paragraph form, with a separate paragraph dedicated to each employee job description. Three different job descriptions are required, with YOURs being the FIRST.

-Description of each team member including
Education background what schools did they attend, what degrees did they earn?
-Work history where did they work, what positions did they have?
-Skills and abilities where is their expertise?
-Responsibilities in this job what will they be held accountable
for doing?

** (SPECIFICALLY/ REAL PERSON NAME AND BACKGROUND ETC.) If you do NOT know who will hold these positions, write the job description as you would advertise it, with the requirements needed to fulfill the four bullets listed above.

2. Organizational Chart (1 page for chart)0 – 5 ________
Illustration of your company hierarchy in order of authority
The chart must be computer generated and clearly labeled with each job title and the full name of the employee who will hold that job title. (Show sub-contracted workers with a dotted line)

3. Advisory Board (1/2 page writing)0 – 5 _________
Listing of various advisors, a minimum of 5 including
** REAL PERSON (advisors name, job title, address, phone, and email contact number etc.) ** LOOK for INTERNET or your NEIGHBORHOOD

-Type of Advisor Banking, Retail, Insurance, Legal, etc.
-Name and job title
-Company address, phone, and email contact numbers
-Web site address

4. Writing 0 – 5 _________
Correct spelling, grammar, readability,
Correct use of language, format

Total Points _________

-Refer to Chapter 9 (pgs 189-210), and the Business Plan in your textbook, pages 306-307, for correct format.
-Continue writing all sections of your business plan in the 3rd Person be consistent.

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