Final Assisgnment

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Final Assignment:Trifles Writing Assignment

Trifles Writing Assignment

You will not be writing a formal academic paper for this final assignment. Instead, I would like for you to think about the play “Trifles.” Think about the meaning of the play and what the writer is trying to communicate.

Now: imagine that you are creating a movie trailer/visual for “Trifles” the movie. Find/create image(s) to use in your visual advertisement of the upcoming film that would communicate the meaning of the movie to someone who is interested in seeing it. What I mean is that visually, there should be a “hook” (as Gerri refers to it.) that draws the viewer/reader in. Then explain how/why the visuals would work as an attention grabber for the film

Someone used an extended trailer of the film with a personal music choice. How does it affect the visual meaning of the trailer? Search out other trailers/ads for this movie and compare.

Next: Consider all of the characters in the play “Trifles”, and decide what actors you would have play each part and why. Think about characterization. Think about what kind of parts actors have played in the past that might lend themselves to this play if you were directing them in the movie version.

Next: What songs would you choose for the music score to this new movie version of “Trifles?” You can think about how modern you may want the movie to be, in a different setting maybe. List the songs and explain when to use them and why. Would you make an original score just for the movie?

For this assignment you will:

Part A – Post the pictures and your explanation of the images for the trailer/ad on the Trifles page. Save and submit as an attachment to Blackboard.
Part B – Post your music selection of existing songs and justifications as to how they would add to the action if “Trifles” was a film, and you must choose the Musical Score. Provide the song title and a link to the song. I.e. find the song on YouTube and simply provide the link in a Microsoft word document.
Part C – Write/paste your List of Characters and Actors. For each character/actor selection, make sure to explain why you have made this choice and justify your choice based on the actions from the original play. (ie: Hollywood continuously casts Julia Roberts as the damsel in distress so she would be ?.)
Part A thru C should be included in ONE Microsoft Word document. In one document youd include headers, Part A then provide the pictures, Part B you would then include the link to your song of choice and lastly for Part C you will include the list of characters and actors with explanations.
Due Date: Submit to Blackboard by Wednesday, May 9 by 11:59pm.

The idea is this: Once you have read the play, and it should sound familiar, then you should be able to come up with something visual to advertise it, some great music selections to accompany it, and a great cast based on what you know about each character. How many times have you thought about who would play YOU in your life? This assignment should be fun. Basically, it is all about being able to justify your choices. There are no right or wrong choices. Just – here is my choice, here is why I made this choice, and here is how it relates to the play.

I would like for you to have some fun with this assignment.

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