Final essay

Write an essay in which you compare Claudius as a husband (from Hamlet) to Torvald Helmer as a husband in Ibsens A Doll House. Be sure to focus on their roles as husbands, and their relationships with their wives, and their motivations for acting the way they do. Essay needs a focused argument about what this comparison reveals about them as characters, or about how they perceive the role of husband. (In other words, behind your argument, there should be a strong reason for why it is worthwhile to compare these two.) Essay needs to be supported with explication of passages from the plays.

To fulfill the assignment, essay needs to do the following:

1). Present a clear, focused argument that invites inquiry (nothing so obvious that an essay doesnt need to be written to explore your stance and reading of the play).

2). Include explication (close reading) of key passages to support your argument: Support your position with discussion of the essay and explication of the play. Essay should show that you have carefully studied and analyzed the play, and in your close reading / explication of passages, you are giving reasons to support your argument.

3). Demonstrate your understanding of the issues and positions of the essay (if you are writing about an essay), as well as the play.

4). Incorporate what you have learned from earlier essays about the use and explication of quotations for evidence. Dont pad the essay with unnecessary quotes, and if you are quoting, quotations need to be discussed in detail (explicate thoroughly).

5). Quotes from Hamlet that are in lines should be treated as quotes of poetry when quoting in text. Check MLA format for a Shakespeare play.


Doll house:

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