Financial Portfolio

Project description
Dear Writer,

Please read carefully and check the example portfolio file that is attached.

Rationale for choice of portfolio (which stocks/holdings, why chosen and explain the mix) 40%
Discussions of macro factors, micro factors, sentiment, risk profile and investment theory 30%
Conclusions and findings 20%
Structure, grammar, referencing 10%

No marks for portfolio performance.

1) Intro: use this to set out the terms of the exercise (700-800words)

a) 1,000,000 UK POUNDS to invest
b) Macro/micro view: discussion of broad economic trends and monetary policy outlook that are relevant to your universe of assets and which underpin your investment rationale; discussion of sectoral or micro factors such as sectoral trends, consumer trends or other factors
c) Market sentiment: discussion of market sentiment based on indicators
d) Investment objective: your risk profile and what you are you trying to achieve
e) Time horizon: Over what time period are you seeking performance
f) Benchmark: what will you measure performance against to see how well your portfolio has done

2) Asset allocation:
Justification for overall shape of portfolio (900-1000words)

How have you diversified your holdings based on the following and why:
a) Industry
b) country/currency
c) developed/developing markets
d) investment vehicles (funds, active/passive, derivatives)

3) Identify the holdings (total; 1500 words, around 300 words each)

In my case I have 5 assets, see the attached excel file for this.

All holdings must have quoted prices (source to be referenced)

Consider costs
stamp duty if you are buying UK equities
initial charge on mutual funds
but assume you always deal at mid-price

Rationale for each holding (not description)
a) what features suggest that the holding will perform well over the time frame chosen. You may include charts that illustrate issues.
b) what comparisons have you made (if any) between intrinsic value and market price
c) what are the risk factors?
d) (briefly) what performance do you expect from each holding?

4) Conclusions (400 words)
a) How did your portfolio perform over the monitored time period?
b) How did it perform against the benchmark?
c) Did it perform in line with the initial rationale? If not, what factors influenced it that appear to have been different or unexpected?
d) Based on your stated time horizon, what rebalancing or portfolio changes would you make at the end of the monitoring period and why?
e) What was learned from the portfolio exercise?

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