For the final reflection paper, I\’d like you to expand on one of the posts in a different way.

For the final reflection paper, I\’d like you to expand on one of the posts in a different way. The final paper should still be a 2-3 page reflection, but on one of the issues listed below. Many of the articles we\’ve read describe an individual who is dealing with a difficult personal transformation and experiences an awakening or epiphany. There are multiple causes for this in the readings. Sometimes a long held belief of theirs has been challenged or a change in environment has resulted in their feeling culture shock and even disconnect from their families. Write an essay in which you write about a similar experience where you\’ve had to either 1) come to terms with a past experience or 2) had to learn to live with the fact that there is a difference between your home life and your new life or 3) have had to greatly modify your expectations of what a new experience would be.
On Going Home by Joan Didion; \”Rice\” by Jhumpa Lahiri; \”Mother Tongue\” by Amy Tan

College Pressures by William Zinsser; and Why Colleges Shower Their Students with As by Brent Staples

04/11 Kill Em! Crush Em! Eat Em Raw! by John McMurtry ; Is America Falling Apart? by Anthony Burgess

More Room by Judith Ortiz Coffer; Between the Sexes, a Great Divide by Anna Quindlen

The Climate Emergency by Al Gore

On the Fear of Death by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross; No Man Is an Island by John Donne

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