Formal Writing Assignment 3

Project description
Formal Writing Assignment 3

Formal Writing Assignment 3

Focus on Poetry


In our study of poetry, we have discussed several key poetic elements such as rhythm, sounds and song. Formal Writing Assignment 3 is a critical thinking and information literacy project that will require you to make deeper connections between poetry and music.


Access Online Sources:

To begin, pick a song that you like. The song you pick should be chosen on the merits of its lyrics rather than its beat or musical accompaniment. The song, which must be in English, may contain a moderate amount of graphic language, and, if you choose, it may deal with controversial themes.

Locate the reliable lyrics to your song from an online source. A copy of the song lyrics must be attached to the assignment link. If your song has been covered by many different artists, please identify which version you are discussing in your paper, and make sure that the lyrics you attach correspond accordingly.

Analyze (at least 400 words):

Once you have picked your song, you are to analyze it as a piece of poetry in a well-organized essay of at least four paragraphs. As the analysis depends on it, your paper should also include some quotations from the song. Because you will be quoting text from the chosen song, you will also need to include a Works Cited page. Examine the song through the scope of some of the following poetic elements:

Voice (Irony, Tone)
Sound (Rime, Alliteration/Assonance, etc.)
Figures of speech
Type of poetry (i.e., lyric, narrative, etc.)

Things to Remember

All papers for this class should adhere to MLA format. A Works Cited page is required.
Do not forget to give your paper a title.
Do not include a cover sheet. At the top of the first page simply write a header consisting of your name, the date and our course and section names.
Do not forget to attach the song lyrics.

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