Formatting Service

Writing an academic piece of writing might be difficult but formatting takes the difficulty to yet another level. Given the time and caution it takes, for many of us formatting becomes a nuisance and we avoid doing it as long as we are able to. Despite of all the written instructions and innumerable samples of international formatting styles available on internet, many students are unable to understand and follow these instructions in the correct ways.

Finding it hard to difficult to format your texts?

Well, we deal with that too. Apart from other services, custom formatting is yet another area of writing which foxwriting.comeagerly offers its specialized services in. Here, we prioritize a rather professional and error-free formatting in accordance with all the internationally followed academic formatting styles. These formatting styles, which we promise our expertise in, are APA, Harvard or Chicago, MLA and others. The types of texts for which we offer our formatting service include papers (research and term papers), thesis, dissertations, essays and assignments.

Thinking which formatting style you should choose to order?

In order to get your text properly formatted all you ought to specify the formatting style you want us to consider since the requirement of formatting styles varies with the type of the text you want to format and this specification, quite obviously, will be made by your course instructor or research supervisor.

Our formatting experts and editors are not there to save the day by only saving you from the attention and time seeking task of formatting. Yes, they also help you learn some basic of formatting which indeed will help you in long run. We are not there only to do the tasks you find difficult to do yourself; we are here to help you in learning those tasks.

Since formatting is one of the most difficult parts of preparing any academic texts, we make sure that we do it with extra care. In order to nullify the chances of any human-error, we screen and double check all the formatting tasks given by our customers. For tasks concerned with formatting, we have made a whole separate team of editors and formatting experts.

All you need to do is to place the order; rest will be taken care of by us.

As mentioned previously, we have a customer care center which remains efficiently operational all the time, night and day. Through this customer care cell, we assure you that all of your queries, feedbacks and issues will reach the authorities and the issues will be resolved timely.

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