FTSE 100 companies report

Project description
Camila and Lucas considered the report you provided on a FTSE 100 companies and a rival. On reading the report, they have further concerns that need addressing before they decide where to invest the US$1,000,000. These concerns include; the companies currency strategy, the effectiveness of currency trades, instruments used to manage currency and whether industry variations exist. They have asked that you team up with two or three finance specialists to conduct intra-industry and inter-industry analysis. Using the latest four years of financial statements, critically investigate the financial accounts, instruments used in currency trading and provide investment advice.
a) Investigate accounting practices for all the teams FTSE 100 Companies (including the rivals; team of two people four companies, team of three six companies)
b) Analyse the latest four years of financial statements using appropriate frameworks.
c) Present your comparison analysis in an appropriate business format.
d) In light of Camilas and Lucass stated attitude to investments, provide investment advice
6 company are: BP Amoco and Sinopec Group; HSBC and RBS; Northrop grumman and BAE Systems. need financial statements within four years.

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