Gender and Entrepreneurship

Project description
This is tutors requirement and my topic is Gender and Entrepreneurship
Individual Reflective Report: Students must select a topic from the module syllabus and produce a 2,250 words , justified (text distributed evenly between margins) report. Sources must be in the Harvard format. The primary focus of the topic will be the on Advanced Topic in Entrepreneurship, which poses a critical and pertinent question. The assignment is structured in two parts.
Part 1 (500 words each)
Having identified, read and printed off your 3 articles you are now required to write a review of the articles you have found. You will need to annotate your articles in ADOBE (electronically) and include all your original workings in the final submission there will be separate link for the submission of the annotated articles. This is to help me understand how you are reading the article, the points you are identifying and equally provide you with feedback on any aspects you may have overlooked.
Part 2 (1000 words)
In this part of the assignment you are required to write a review in which you compare and contrast all the articles noting similarities and differences in the arguments they make, noting the value and contribution of each of the articles. The review will follow a similar format to the one you each did for your individual article.

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