Genre Project Proposal

Project description
Targeted Skills (outcome 1, 2&3): understanding audiences and contexts, using evidence from various sources to support writing goals, making persuasive arguments

You task:

In professional and academic situations, proposals are often used as a way to plan larger projects, but also to gain support for them (in the form of money, institutional legibility, and other resources). As such, a successful proposal situates the author as credible and the project as both feasible and valuable.

In the context of your genre project, you will be required to submit a 3-5 page proposal in order to frame your thinking about it. For this part of the project, I will be your audience, and your overall goal is to convince me that your project presents an effective way of reaching your chosen audience through a particular genre and publishing venue. Your proposal will involve the following:

Statement of objective (1-2 pages)

Audience analysis (1-2 pages)

Publishing venue analysis (1-2 pages)

Statement of objective

What are you trying to achieve through this project? This section presents an overview of your scene, topic, genre, audience, and publishing venue. It should give a comprehensive context for your piece, and include the stakes (why this project matters), and why it is important for you to undertake the project.

This sections of your proposal should make a convincing argument about why this project is important for you to complete.

Audience analysis

Once youve determined what scene youd like to respond to, youll need to get to know the audience youre targeting. What age group are they in? What are their interests? How do they typically get their information? Once youve determined what your audience is like, what rhetorical strategies will you use to target them?

This section of your proposal should make an argument about why those rhetorical strategies are appropriate for your audience.

Publishing venue analysis

In order to make the link between your genre piece and your audience more literal, youll need to determine what publishing venues are appropriate to reach your audience. How do the authors of different genres in your scene reach their audience? Through the newspaper? Putting up flyers? Word of mouth? Speeches? Song lyrics? The radio? Film screenings? Leaving brochures in an office or a coffee shop? Posting a web page? Sending a message out on a listserv?

This section of your proposal should make an argument about why this publishing venue is the best way to reach your chosen audience through your chosen genre.

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