Genre Translation

Project description
Targeted Skills (outcome 1&2): a clear understanding of the audience, ability to employ appropriate conventions for a specific rhetorical situation, recognizing and articulating the effect of your own writing

Your Task:

Part 1: Genre Translation

Pick one of the sample articles you used for genre analysis in SA 1 or another article of your choice, and translate it into a different genre. Think about the audience you are writing to and what rhetorical changes can be used to write effectively to the audience of a respective discourse community. For example, you can translate a lab report to a mini science fiction, or a menu to a commercial script. Pay attention to the length of the article (i.e. within two pages) so that its manageable.

Part 2: Writers Memo

This assignment is a chance to consciously practice rhetorical choices based on audience and genre. The main goal is to express that you tried to make conscious rhetorical choices with regard to audience and genre. As a part of SA 2, this informal piece of writing will help both you and me understand the choices you make as a writer. When you finish the main assignment (Part 1: Genre Translation), simply write a one-page note to me about your writing processwhich is to say, your thought process. Answer the following writers memo questions:
Why and how did you choose the audience and genre you did?
What rhetorical choices did you make to translate from one genre to another?
What genre conventions did you use and why?
How did your choices change between the two genres/audiences, and why did you make these changes?
What did you find most challenging about this assignment?
What do you think you did well and where could you improve?

Requirements (if any of these are not met, your assignment will not be accepted):
500-750 words total (2-3 Pages)
Heading, page numbers
Double spaced, 12 pt. Time New Roman font
A thoughtful Writers Memo in 250 words or more
An attachment of the original text (an article, an link, etc.), excluded from the word count
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Instruction files

sa2_edition1.doc(35,50 KiB)

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