Geo 112 Sha

The geographic concepts of \”continent\”, \”region\”, and \”country\” are frequently confused, even misused by the non-geographic public. Here are some possible topics to discuss in this forum:

1) Is Europe a continent? Why or why not? If it is not a continent, is it a country? What about Asia?

2) Why is Africa not a \”country\”? Is Africa a region or a continent, or both?

3) What is meant by \”the Middle East\”? Is this a region? How does this concept compare with \”Southwest Asia\” and \”North Africa\”?

4) Why is Australia considered to be a continent and not an island?

5) What is \”Eurocentrism\”? Why might Americans take this geographic perspective, also?

You can discuss all of these or just one of these.

This website has the Geography Standards listed. While not graded, this website is intended for the student\’s enrichment.

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