Global vs Analytic Learners and differentiated learner

Project description
Write an anticipatory set for the lesson plan on Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism. I have provided the anticipatory set for the three economic systems below. Please expand the writing on the motivator, connector and relevancy portions of the three economic systems in relation to global and analytic learners. I have also included an example an anticipatory set lesson plan on money choices. Please explain how the lesson plan helps the global and analytic learner at the end of anticipatory set.

Second Assignment for writer.

Write a report on what are 3 insights you have gained about the differentiated classroom that differ greatly from the traditional? Please rewrite the paragraph below on the differentiated classroom to include additional information on the traditional classroom. I have provided the paragraph below the anticipatory set example. Thanks.

Three Economic Systems Example:

Motivator: Have student volunteers come to the front of the room and discuss what they already know about Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism. Discuss.

Connector: Students will be starting a unit on the Cold War.

Relevancy: What influences did Communism, Socialism and capitalism have on the world economy and international politics?

Example Anticipatory Set: Money Choices.

Anticipatory Set: Money Choices
(Connector) Show or display a $20 bill and ask the students what choice they would make with the $20 bill if it were given to them. Ask students if they ever receive gifts of money for holidays or special occasions, or if they have other sources of income such as an allowance or part time jobs. Discuss Income briefly with students and ask what they usually do with their own money.
(Motivator) Explain to students they will learn the basics of a budget and will hopefully result in them being able to successfully manage their own money in the future. Group students into groups of four. Hand out Creating a Spending Plan and ask students to read and underline or highlight the importance about savings and a spending plan.
(Relevancy) Why save money? What are some benefits and costs of savings? What is a possible opportunity cost (the next best alternative you give up) of saving? Why should it be the first consideration to pay yourself first?
My anticipatory set addressed the needs of a global learner by showing my students an actual $20 bill. Students were then able to relate how they would spend a $20 bill using real life scenarios. Students were then grouped into groups of four reading a hand out on the importance of saving money. By doing this, students were able to highlight important facts together and understand how a little can go a long way.

Differentiated Classroom rewrite to include more information for the traditional learner.

The three insights that I have gained about the differentiated classroom that are different from the traditional classroom are: first, teachers in differentiated classrooms begin with a clear and full-bodied sense of what constitutes commanding curriculum and engaging instruction. Second, teachers in differentiated classes use time appropriate, call upon a range of instructional approaches, and become educated with their students so that both what is learned and the learning environment are molded to support the learner and learning. Third, differentiated classrooms exemplify common sense. The consistent flow of thought in a differentiated classroom is this: a cultivation environment encourages learning. The quality curriculum requires clear and consistent learning goals used in ways that engage students’ intellect and lead to a better understanding of what is being taught in the classroom.

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