Grant Proposals

Project description
Grant Proposals
Proposals must include a plan for determining the degree to which objectives are met and methods are followed. This section is extremely important as funders pay particular attention to evaluation methods, since they need help determining whether a proposed project represents an intelligent investment for them. The evaluation section should meet the following criteria:
Presents a plan for evaluating accomplishment of objectives
Presents a plan for evaluating and modifying methods over the course of the program
Explains who will be doing the evaluation and how they were chosen
Clearly states evaluation criteria
Describes how data will be gathered
Explains any test instruments or questionnaires to be used
Describes the process of data analysis
Shows how evaluation will be used for program improvements
Describes any evaluation reports to be produced
For this Discussion, keep these evaluation criteria in mind as you review the two grant applications listed in the Learning Resources. Two applications were submitted. Only one can receive the grant funds. Based on the information you have available, and using the evaluation rubric for each grant application, determine which one of the grants you believe should receive funding.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post two reasons why you selected the grant that you choose to fund and two reasons why you chose not to fund the other grant. Then, briefly explain two grant-writing strategies that you might recommend to improve the unsuccessful proposal.
Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources
Required readings and citations
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Document: Grant Evaluation Rubric: Grant 1
Document: Grant Evaluation Rubric: Grant 2
Instruction files

grant_proposals.docx(13,06 KiB)
pubh_8315_week11_grantevaluationrubric_grant_1.pdf(43,58 KiB)
pubh_8315_week11_grantevaluationrubric_grant_2.pdf(43,57 KiB)

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