Gun control in the United States of America

Project description
ENG 102 ARGUE FOR GUN CONTROL. Aim for a B grade.
Essay Question:Will gun control reduce the amount of gun violence and the consequences caused by them, as a result creating a safer environment for the citizens in the United States of
one source must be a book, one source must be a periodical, one source must be an Internet website, one source must be from a library database, and one source must be an interview. Your sixth source can be another one of any of the previous five. Try for more than six, and make sure that the sources you provide are the most credible, high quality sources. Academic or scholarly sources will be the best. Also, try to find sources that approach your research question in different ways rather than sources that all say the same thing. The best sources will be ones take a stance on your research question

The Apex of Freshman Composition Research Essay: For the final essay, you must formulate a compelling stance on your subject and express that stance in an explicit thesis statement that is proposed in your introduction and finalized in your conclusion. The essay as a whole is the response to your research question (which you may or may not include explicitly in the text of your essay). Your essay must follow a pattern of development that establishes the rhetorical context and builds your argument premises from the first body paragraph to the last. You must also to be sure to reflect the complexity of your subject by showing you understand different angles of your issue and can address all positions that may oppose your thesis. Length: 7-10 pages.
Dont forget the Works Cited!

The grading Rubric:
Essay Level: The thesis of the essay is clear and argumentative.
10 pts
Essay Level: The essay shows unity in supporting the thesis statement.
25 pts
Essay Level: The essay shows complete, coherent, and argumentative logical development.
25 pts
Essay Level: The essay shows ethos in the treatment, extent, and quality of research.
30 pts
Essay Level: The essay makes the required page count without being artificially inflated (see format requirements on syllabus). If you make the page count credibly, you get these points. If it’s under by up to one page, you lose these points. You lose 40 points for each page thereafter.
10 pts
Paragraph Level: The essay has an appropriate and engaging introduction.
10 pts
Paragraph Level: The essay effectively utilizes PIE paragraphs to make points and, where necessary, utilizes coherent funnel paragraphs.
50 pts
Paragraph Level: The essay effectively and correctly integrates appropriate research to make relevant illustrations.
30 pts
Paragraph Level: The conclusion of the essay is powerful and successful.
10 pts
Sentence Level: The essay is written in the appropriate academic tone, diction, and style, with varied sentence structure and expressive vocabulary, and is practically flawless in grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, usage, and mechanics.
50 pts
Total Points: 250
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The Essay is due Friday may 6th on 11:59. Please complete it earlier. There can be room for some mistakes, I dont want it to be perfect.

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