Healthcare Transformation

Project description
APA style
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From a provider (service delivery) perspective discuss the factors associated with the development and implementation of an Information Management and Information Technology Strategy for Improving Healthcare. Describe the gaps associated with issues, barriers, and risks that a strategy will address.

The key purpose of an individual position paper is to summarize and evaluate key concepts, current events, and associated topics discussed in class. The goal of the position paper is to present a reasonable argument and position on a topic that is supported by validated references.

The analysis of this position paper requires you to conduct scholarly research, review policies, evaluate current trends, and make assessments on the viability, effectiveness, and reality of specific topics.

Steps to Preparing and Writing a Position Paper

You will need to search for scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles that support and relate to the concept, current events, or class topics.
Write a position paper responding to the concept and questions provided. The format for this position paper must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style.
Write a summary of the position paper. This section should be one to two paragraphs.
The position paper must also include the background, rationale supporting your position, position analysis. This section should be one to three paragraphs.
Discuss the meaning or implication of your position. This section should be one to two paragraphs.
Discuss what you think your position means within \”big picture\” of health care delivery and how your position might advance the topic forward. This section should be one to two paragraphs.
Discuss how knowledge in this area could help in theory and practice. This section should be one to two paragraphs.
Cite all quotes and paraphrases. You must use APA style for citing work.
Paragraphs must be double-spaced
Format for 1-inch top, bottom, left, and right margins.
Format font as Times New Roman size 12.
Must include a title page with name of assignment, name of student(s), and date submitted.
The position paper MUST BE 1,000 words or less (this include citations).

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