Hitchcock’s influence on modern suspense film directors

Project description
proposal: The paper will explore Alfred Hitchcocks influence on modern suspense film directors such as David Fincher. There is great influence by Hitchcock in Finchers film plots, actress selections and camera techniques. The film team from Gone Girl will be remaking Hitchcocks classic Strangers on a Train. Although the film is not yet finished, there are great aspects of influence in Finchers films and resemblance in imagery and plots. The film gone girl as an example takes great influence from Psycho and Rear Window. Fincher’s interest in film was kindled when, as a child, he was taken by his father to see a re-release of Hitchcocks Rear Window.

Requirements: The first paragraph should introduce the film (or films) giving the title, underlined or in italics, release date, director, and stars. This should be followed by a brief (3-5 sentences) plot summary. If possible, you should also include a thesis statement that tells me what you plan to argue or focus on in your paper. The main body of the paper should be devoted to analysis. This can be the themes within the film, visual style or any other important element. Be as specific as possible, supporting your assertions with examples from the work such as scenes, actions, dialogue, etc. You can also refer to any of the works already screened in class for additional support. If you are using two films, do not compare and contrast; rather develop a theme(s) and use the two films as evidence.
Please remember this is a research paper. You should include the required quotations and resources from books or articles. The internet is fine, but websites do not qualify as a resource unless you have spoken to me first. Academic articles from a data base are also acceptable. You can use footnotes or end notes and any system of notation, but be consistent. And dont forget to include a bibliography. If you arent sure about how to do
this, check one of our textbooks. The better the research, the better the paper. All footnotes and bibliographies should use one notation system. You are free to use the MLA style or the University of Chicago style. If you don’t know how to footnote or create a bibliography, look in your textbook.
The paper should have a concluding paragraph summarizing what you learned from this assignment. You may be presenting this to the class at the end of the semester, so do a thorough job. You might also want to note for yourself any particular scenes that you might later show to the class. Papers need to have a bibliography and at least 5 quotations from the sources in the bibliography.

Could provide some reading materials if you want 🙂

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