This has to be a film review on the movie Au Revoir Les Infant. It has to be well organised. Be sure that your essay has an introduction explaining its topic, and a conclusion summing up your argument (but not just repeating the introduction). In the body of the paper (that’s the stuff that goes between the introduction and the conclusion), make sure that the various points you make are distinct from one another (in other words, don’t just say the same thing over and over again), that they are arranged in some kind of logical order, and that there are transitions from one point to another. Intro. After the intro comes the first paragraph and that has to be a summary of the movie. the rest of the paper needs to be spent explaining what the book or film says about the meaning of the holocaust and how successfully it says this, and what are some questions in the film leaves in the viewers mind. Remember this is focused about the holocaust. Your review needs to explain the film’s story line, but it needs to concentrate on what the story says about the Holocaust, and what criticism one might make. NO REFERENCE PAGE this is all your thoughts and ideas. 3 full pages. no abstract.
Intro: Talking about the issues of the holocaust blah blah
First Paragraph: Summary of movie
Second: Themes of loss – loss of childhood? loss of life?
Third paragraph: Portrayal of Germans and French collaborators
This is an idea. See what the themes of the movies are and how they relate to the meaning of the holocaust and just well organise them.
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