How to harness the power of effective communications within Government organisations using best practices within the private sector.

Project description
As part of my MBA, I am required to provide a research proposal for a dissertation suitable for the Executive MBA.

The proposal document must include:

1. Title of the porposed project – I have provided an overall idea above – please feel free to edit as needed to clarify the idea.

2. Background – rationale and justification. I will attach a document outlining what Qatar Tourism Authority is and the problems within it. The majority of these problems can be solved by employing best communication practices.

3. Literature review (this should be an indication of the literature to be explored in support of an analysis of the ‘problem’ (above) and a brief justification)

4. Research questions and objectives (to be explore with appropriate explanation and justification)

5. Method (suitably justified)

6. Timeline and resource plan for the project (this should be on a monthly basis starting June 2016 and ending November 2017)

7. References used in the proposal.

The following are the expected sections:

Section 1: Background – this should indicate knowledge of the organization context and some understanding of the problem to be investigated and why it is appropriate to investigate it.

Section 2: The research questions and objectives section should also provide a clear indication of the question to be investigated and why.

Section 3: The literature review should provide some indication of the theories and models that will be used to inform the research questions and also the subsequent analysis of the research undertaken. *The purpose of the literature review is to locate the research within models and theory that already exist and which can be used to understand both the approach to the ‘problem’ and the recommendations that you make. The method used to undertake the research also needs to be justified through established theories and models.

*Harvard referencing systems must be used fully adopted.

N.B. Please ensure the following:
The background section should critically explore the organizational context and the ‘problem’ in order to establish that there is a real need to undertake the research – and a benefit in doing so. I CAN HELP WITH THIS – PLEASE CONTACT ME TO CONTEXT.

Also, the literature review should offer some critical evaluation of the established literature in order to effectively develop appropriate research questions and to be able to assess the research finding of the research in relation to the established literature.

The method of research adopted must be justified through relevant literature.

The timescale and resource plan must be credible and realistic.
Instruction files

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Old files
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Unfortunately this draft is very bad. I have gone through the first half carefully and added lots of comments in the attached version. It really is bad.

1441041_final_file.1.doc(89,50 KiB)
Please check message board

final_order_id_1441041_proposal.3.doc(172,50 KiB)
please update the proposal based on the comments in the attached version. I need this back within 24 hours but please ensure that the quality is perfect before you send it and that the total number of words is 5,000 EXCLUDING the contents page and references.

order_id_1441041_revised_copy.4.doc(192,50 KiB)
The paper contains an excessive number of direct quotations (over 25%). In academic writing, verbatim (direct) quotes should be used very sparingly, if at all. Instead, you should paraphrase the content of your source materials. Besides, you must provide a reference for any information, whether paraphrased or quoted, taken from a source that is not your own. Otherwise, it would be considered as plagiarism.

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