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ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS**WASTE MANAGEMENT…TOXIC WASTE **Task: Create a 10 minute slide show presentation that teaches the class about an important environmental issue. Make sure to time yourself! Please note: If your presentation is less than 10 minutes in duration, you will incur a penalty of -4 points! Grading: 20-point grading scale / 25% of final grade Due Date: Check the document entitled SCI1101 Dates Presentation Software of Choice: Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi (Create a free public account: ) Format Guidelines: The following sequence can serve as a guideline, though you are free to organize it in your own way. Ten slides are appropriate, but you can have more (or less). Try not to clutter a slide with too much information. • Slide 1: Title of Presentation, Student Name, Course Name, Date• Slide 2: Attention grabber → Put a thought provoking question or image here• Slides 3-5: Explain the topic → What is the problem? Why is it a problem? (Do not copy and paste information from other websites, use your own words!) Include images to help explain your points and to make your slides more interesting• Slides 6-8: Explain what can be done (or what is being done) to solve the problem. You may want to include specific laws or regulations related to your topic here• Slides 9-10: What can individuals do to help? Offer advice and tips to the class about how individuals can help to solve the problem or promote awareness• Final Slide: Summarize or restate the problem/issue. Include any image credits, sources, references, etc. Be prepared to answer some questions from your classmates Planning: Choose your topic. The list below will give you some ideas, but you may choose something that is not on the list. Have your topic approved by your instructor before proceeding. Some of the topics may need to be narrowed in focus. • Endangered Species (general or focus on one particular species)• Saving the Rainforests (or wetlands or any other habitat in danger)• Wildlife Conservation (national parks, reserves, hunting)• Pollution (air, water, soil)• Global Climate Change• Energy Conservation (alternate fuels, hybrid cars, the “green movement”)• Waste Management (recycling, landfills, toxic waste, etc.)• Human Overpopulation (food & water shortages, habitat destruction)• Genetically modified crops and animals Research: Browse different sources (i.e. websites, books, magazines, newspaper articles, etc.) related to your topic. Jot down any important information and include it in your final product. Remember to address the questions below throughout your PowerPoint or Prezi presentation: • What is the problem?• How do we know there is a problem? What evidence is there?• What is causing the problem?• What are the possible future effects of the problem? How will it affect the world?• What is being done to solve the problem?• Are there any laws or regulations related to the topic?• What can individuals do to help?  

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