Impacts of financial crisis on bank performance on NYSE

The aim of this assessment is to enhance your ability to understand the research processes in finance and other related disciplines.
Therefore, you will be expected to:
Develop clear research objectives, questions and/or testable hypotheses.
Identify significant studies available on your topic, critically discuss and evaluate these and use clear arguments to justify the need for your research.
Be aware of relevant sources of data and appropriate statistical methods that can be used to analyse data.
Ascertain that results/research findings are well presented, logically and clearly explained, appropriately linked to findings from previous studies (literature) and can stimulate debate.
Have an awareness of academic integrity referencing sources appropriately.
You are required to choose any finance or finance related topic that you would like to write a research paper on for publication in a finance related letters journal such as Applied Economics Letters (formerly known as Applied Financial Economics Letters), Banking and Finance Letters, Economics Letters and Finance Research Letters. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the aims and scope or coverage of the journal before choosing your topic.

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