Industry Experience Studio project

am doing a project for my final semester at my masters
our project website is
its still under developing please visit the website for the testing acceptance.

the assignment is to make a document about
Integrity/Acceptance Test Report for Dr.Friendly.

which contain this content
1. Scope
1.1 Document Definition
1.2 Project Overview
2. Acceptance Test Criteria
3. Client Sign-off Statement

i will provide you with an example ( kind of templet) of this document to give you an idea to follow it .
and i will upload our delivery cycle 2 of the project to give you more idea about the aim and who this project audience

NO style of work NO references, my references should be all about the website and what i provide you of documents nothing else AT ALL
Added on 10.05.2016 04:50
please follow exact the same headings of the file of integrity accpetnece

here is our system

let me know if anything is missing and you need extra information please
Instruction files

integrity_-_acceptance_testing_report_chgd-3-2.docx(101,26 KiB)
team24a_dc2_report_fit5120.pdf(1,30 MiB)

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