International Law

Project description
1. Whom do the four Geneva Conventions protect, respectively? What part of the Geneva Conventions can apply to terrorists? Why? Under what conditions does political analyst Charles Krauthammer believe torture is allowable? Do you believe torture should ever be admissible? Explain.
2. What are some commonalities found in the 20th century definitions of genocide? (identify at least 5.) Alongside the definition of genocide, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen discerned a genocidal model and discussed it in the Worse than War. He suggested that most genocides begin with an intentional murdering of a group of people by a government, followed by the general public\’s willingness to subscribe to an participate in the government\’s violence, and ending with the worldwide community doing nothing in the immediate to relieve the suffering. Pick 2 of the handful of historical genocides and explain how they fit in the model, respectively.
3.What is a preemptive strike? How does it differ from traditional, self-defensive force? Why is the preemptive strike so controversial? Do you believe the preemptive strike is legal? Why or why not?
4. Make a legal case for or against admitting Syrian refugees into the United States. The debate is a heated one and proponents on both sides believe they have legal justification for their opinions. Using what you know about state sovereignty and the rights of individuals, pick one side and present a substantiated argument.

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