Virtual Experiment
For the purpose of this exercise, you are not required to physically perform the experiment. Data will be generated using the virtual simulation on the website indicated below

Procedure Task 1
1. Go to the following web address:
2. Download the Capacitor Lab and run the simulation
3. Under the Meters tab on the right of the simulation window, select the following
tick boxes:
Stored Energy Voltmeter
4. Drag the red and black measuring probes from the voltmeter so that each probe is connected to a different plate
5. Check that the voltmeter screen reads 0V to begin
6. Carefully change the value of the voltage by adjusting the button shown on the
7. Record the value shown on the voltmeter and the corresponding value of E
shown on the stored energy bar
8. Repeatfor5morepositivevalues,upto1.5V
9. Plot a graph of E and against V2 to find the gradient
10.Given that = ( ) 2, calculate 2
Task 2
Knowing that: = 0
Where: 0 = permittivity of free space = 8.85 1012 = plate separation (distance in mm)
= area of plate (m2)
Calculate the plate separation required for a capacitance of 1.6 1013F and then
compare to the experimentally found value.
1. Under the Meters tab on the right of the simulation window, select the following tick box:
2. Using the same plate area as before (100mm2) as before, adjust the separation until 1.6 1013F is measured

please also look at the attached files there are very important because it will tell exactly how do the experiment online and also the format of the essay

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