is Google Making Us Stupid

Use the They Say / I Say model to respond to this issue, for or against: ( I\’m in for Position ).
Is the Internet making us stupid?
(The use of technology in reading, writing, and learning Ch. 13, TSIS, Nicholas Carr, etc.)
Your essay should include the following elements:
A specific, argumentative thesis that takes a clear position and includes a why element.
At least three or four quotes from online news sources or scholarly articles found in the librarys
database, which are introduced and cited properly. I will accept no citations from books.
Quotes from a classmate as the result of in-class interviews that we will perform about study, reading,
and writing habits and technology.
You need not include a full naysayer paragraph, but at some point in the essay both sides of the
argument must be considered.
You must cite at least four sources (both in the body of the essay and on the works cited page): first, one
of the essays or articles mentioned above; the other three, some articles or essays in support of your

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