It has to be a MLA format paper, THE COMPANY I CHOSE IS DISNEY LAND

Do a research on a company of your choice, preferably one that supports your major. Write on how technology has enhanced the productivity and development of the company. Indicate if this is a publicly traded company. Write on the development of the company over the last three years (profitability, scope, expansion nationally and or internationally, financial status). Prepare a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats) analysis of the company.

In the Conclusion of this project if you were the CEO of this company what recommendations would you give to improve the company or what would you do differently to enhance production?
This section of the project is important because student will use information from class work to demonstrate their knowledge of contemporary business applications in organization to foster efficiency.

Table of Content
Introduction/background of the company
How technology or Globalization enhanced company.
Development of company over the last three years (Financial status should be involved)
SWOT Analysis
Cite Sources
12 Times New Roman font

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