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//// LLRB — L(eft)-L(eaning) R(ed)-B(lack) BST// // This class stores a set of integer keys using a left-leaning red-black BST//// HOMEWORK in this file is to implement://// 1) public void insert()// 2) public boolean containsRightRedEdge()// 3) public boolean containsConsecutiveLeftRedEdges()// 4) public int countBlackEdgesOnLeftmostPath()// 5) public boolean sameBlackEdgesCountOnAllPaths(int count)//// As BONUS, there is one additional method to implement//// 1) public void fixLLRB()// package hw4; public class LLRB {    private static final boolean RED   = true;    private static final boolean BLACK = false;        public Node root; public class Node {public int key;public boolean color;public Node left, right; public Node(int key, boolean color) {this.key = key;this.color = color;}} // Constructor for LLRBpublic LLRB() {} // Is parent link for node x red? false if x is nullprivate boolean isRed(Node x) {if (x == null) return false;return x.color == RED;} // Inserts a key without fixing the treepublic void bstInsert(int key) {root = bstInsert(root, key);} // Recursive helper method for bstInsertprivate Node bstInsert(Node x, int key) {if (x == null) return new Node(key, RED);if (key < x.key) x.left  = bstInsert(x.left, key);else if (key > x.key) x.right = bstInsert(x.right, key);return x;} // Inserts a key fixing the red-black tree propertypublic void insert(int key) {// TODO : complete this method} // Checks whether the tree contains a red right edgepublic boolean containsRightRedEdge() {// TODO : complete this methodreturn false;} // Checks whether the tree contains two left red edges in a rowpublic boolean containsConsecutiveLeftRedEdges() {// TODO : complete this methodreturn false;} // Returns the maximum number of black edges (nodes) on any path from root to nullpublic int maxBlackEdgesDepth() {// TODO : complete this methodreturn 0;} // Returns the minimum number of black edges (nodes) on any path from root to nullpublic int minBlackEdgesDepth() {// TODO : complete this methodreturn 0;} // Checks whether the BST is a valid left leaning red-black treepublic boolean isValidLLRB() {return (maxBlackEdgesDepth() == minBlackEdgesDepth() && !containsRightRedEdge() &&!containsConsecutiveLeftRedEdges());}    // Fixes the red-black tree if there is something to fixpublic void fixLLRB() {// TODO : complete this method}}

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