Knock-Off Fashion

Project description
Use the attached proposal as a reference to guide you through the topic of this paper. You need to incorporate three modes of argument: to inquire, to convince and to persuade. The paper must show proper use of MLA citations, synthesizing outside material, and making a cogent defense of your position. This paper is an extension to the proposal that is attached. Please stay on the topic of knock-off fashion and the child labor used to create those knock-offs. Do not go on tangents and please try to stay as focused on the topic as possible.

Follow these instructions and make sure there is a separate annotated citation page with 8 resources at least. You may use the sources that were mentioned in the proposal as part of the 8.

You should include short, concise quotations from the sources. This could mean that the quotation introduces, helps develop, or serves as proof of a claim made in the paper. The quotations should be well-integrated into the papers narratives, which is to say, the quotation should be introduced in some way and then explained/deepened in relation to what it is used to support/introduced/explain (note that this is different than merely re-stating what the quotation says).

The paper should include four sections:

1. A thorough introduction: this section will demonstrate the ability to present the context/exposition more concisely and compellingly (read the attached proposal). You MUST round off introduction with a position (THESIS) to defend. (100-250 words) An example of a thesis that could be used is “While knock-offs can be cheap and tempting to buy, they do not make any one more stylish, they just make the consumer a contributor in making the world we live in a worse place.”

2. Two primary reasons: these paragraphs will declare two reasons to support the thesis. You must demonstrate the ability to incorporate two to four sources within your evidence. (400-600 words) Clearly, the reasoning will expand as will the research and defense.

3. A short paragraph explaining opposing reasoning and counter to it (175-250 words). Incorporate one to two sources.

4. The Reference page needs to have at least EIGHT sources with Annotations in MLA format. TWO must be deemed not useful to the research. At least FIVE sources must be scholarly articles. The annotation part for each source should include: Type of source, the audience the work is intended for, summary of the work, if the work has any bias, and it needs to be assessed and reflected on weather it was useful or not. The annotations must be written in full sentences.

There is NO conclusion for this paper!!
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Attached is the proposal
Instruction files

proposal_-_first_draft.docx(134,24 KiB)

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