Project description
-Brief about Qatar Petroleum Company
-The leadership style in Qatar Petroleum

*What are the main major changes in Qatar Petroleum?
-We need to have a comprehensive description of the change which is the major Organizational Restructure was done last year to optimize the cost and reduce the number of manpower
-We need to specify the following:
oSystems involved, reasons, initiators, processes, outcomes, parties involved and affected

*What are the main drivers of change within Qatar Petroleum?
The following are the drivers we need to focus on:
-Globalization and to be a world class company with its root in Qatar to achieve its vision.
2)Changes in the nature of the workforce:
-To change the old mentality
-To be led with new generation
-Increase diversity
3)Economic Shocks:
-Drop of Oil Price which caused a lot of loss to QP as part of oil and gas company
-To follow the new technology as QP is at the stage of introducing/ implementing phase III of SAP software which will streamline the most processes of QPs internal activities.

*Discuss and critically evaluate what the likely resistors are to any change initiatives you deem to be appropriate for the change in Qatar Petroleum,
1)Forms of Resistance to change:
Overt & Immediate: easiest to deal with
Implicit: hard to deal with
Deferred: hard to deal with as it is accumulating many things
2)Type of Resistance to change:
Individual sources
oHabit, Preservation of feeling of security, fear inability to perform.
Organizational sources
oGroup norms, threat to established power structure, focus on an insufficient part of the system, structural inertia.

*What actions you would take to reduce these.
This question is for recommendation for example:
Enhance communication
Build support and commitment
Participation in ideas and decisions
Select people who are more to accept change

*What leadership styles would be most and least appropriate in the situation described.
Consideration who care about subordinates needs. Transformational Leadership
Task oriented who has the priority to complete the task. Transactional Leadership

Note: Please focus on the following:
Support the essay with theories cited
Quality of reasoning and argumentation
Linkage of academic theory to business experience
Academic References
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