Life Span Test Questions

Project description
Answer the following questions in essay format, 500-600 words for each question. This is for my test.

Including a source for each one of the questions ( ex:provide the link of where you found the info or if it\’s a journal article cite it in APA format)!

You are encouraged to use if possible, \”The Life Span Human Development for the Helping Professional\” By Patricia C. Broderick and Pamela Blewitt, 4th edition, it\’s my required text for the class. ( may use later edition if it\’s easier)

1. Discuss three potential factors that could affect each stage of development (i.e. prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal). How can these factors have either a positive or negative effect on development at each of these stages?

2.Explain the cultural contributions to the development of attachments. What role does culture play in this process? (Attachment refers to attachment of child to mother/care-giver Ex: insecure attachment, secure attachment)

3.Women and men play multiple roles in their lives. What are some examples of these roles? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of taking on the responsibilities of multiple roles, and provide clear examples of these advantages and disadvantages. (This question is in terms of gender differences)

4.Alzheimers disease is a degenerative disease that has a significant impact on an individuals daily functioning. The effects of Alzheimers can be particularly devastating because it often affects individuals at a time of adjustment into retirement and older age. Review the symptoms of the disease and discuss how these affect the stages of adaption of aging by Baltes & Baltes (1990).

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