London 04/09/2004 (international Hijab Solidarity day) I visited the museum UF harm … My paper is about this photograph .

Project description
London 04/09/2004 (international Hijab Solidarity day . This is what I wrote ondon 04/09/2004 (international Hijab Solidarity day)
The museum was very welcoming and inviting. It was neat and clean and provided a relaxing atmosphere where you could enjoy and learn about different types of art. The harm museum is very educational, and I enjoyed my visit.
It was about politics in Iran and the first election that Iran held

You will write a paper on an exhibition from a Museum that you visit specifically for this paper (examples are the Harn Museum at UF (, the Appleton in Ocala, the Cummer in Jacksonville, the Orlando Museum in Orlando, and the Ringling in Sarasota), or to the Downtown Art Festival held on the weekend of November 14 and 15 (
In this paper, I anticipate several types of information to be covered. You may think of this as your beginning outline.
1. Id like for you to walk through all the exhibits in the museum, or through the entire Art Festival. In your paper, tell me your overall impression of the museum or festival and what you sense from the exhibits/booths you view.
2. From your walk-through, select one exhibit/artists booth to study in more depth.
3. You should, after introducing you subject, gave an overview of the exhibition/booth, what is the context or theme of the exhibit/booth, then go into more detail –how many works, what type of works, the quality and helpfulness of interpretative materials or artists explanation, if any.
4. Then pick a work that you think is representative of or key to the exhibition or typical of the artists style, then discuss it. An illustration of that work would be helpful. Please attach at the back of your paper.
5. Conclude the paper with your thoughts on how successful the exhibition/artist is in presenting its material. What did you learn from this visit?
6. If you visit a museum, include a brochure from the museum. Staple to the paper.

There may be research involved in this paper, particularly in reference to the specific artists and works discussed, but I would like for this to be written in your voice. The paper should be from 2 to 3 pages in length. Be sure to make reference of any sources used, including text panels in the museum.
The paper should be at least 2 pages and no longer than 3 pages in length (550 800 words.) Use either Arial or Times New Roman, 12 point, 1 space, 1 margins.
Spelling, grammar, punctuation and style will affect your grade, since papers are assigned to give you experience in visiting a museum, learning about a specific piece in detail, and communicating what you have learned in a clear and concise manner. You may use any one style of writing but be consistent throughout. It is absolutely essential that you proofread your work.
And woman being allowed to vote but I can’t do more than that so I needed yalls help. Here are the instructions .

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