Major EMS Systems Paper & Project

Submit a comprehensive portfolio of an existing EMS service. Each component of the EMS service should be described and analyzed in detail. This is the equivalent of a major research paper. You may select the service. You may be able to complete all assigned work electronically; however, making an appointment and visiting a local service is ideal for this project. If you submit photographs, be sure that you have permission, or to use the photographs that the service has made public on the internet or in brochures or other documents. Most essential documents for the assignments should be available online.Contact the instructor with consultative questions about this project.Here are a few actual reports that can be used as models. All submissions for this assignment will be through your ePortfolio link. Instructions for creating your own ePortfolio are provided in the link below. Be sure to read the instructions on how to get the link to share the ePortfolio. You will copy and paste that link in this assignment.

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