make technical project maximum 2 pages

You are responsible for creating documentation for instructions to assist future clients in assembly of a new prototype device. The future clients will likely not be aware of the functionality and design of the device, so instructions will need to be clear and concise in explaining to them the proper way to assemble the prototype.Your documentation instructions must be done only in . Pictures, videos, and drawings are  allowed to be part of the created instructions. Your set of instructions must also include a bill of materials (BOM). Be sure to follow good form in the creation of your instructions (see pages 113 and 114 in the Sorby text). Written instructions must be typed and submitted as a Word document. The instructions should be easy to follow (good organization and flow).Each student is responsible for creating their own set of instructions that they created on their own. Your prototype number must be present in your instructions. (prototype 4)-          Text size needs to be 12 point size.-          Text needs to be singled spaced.-          Margins on the document should be 1’’ on all sides.-          Please spell check and proofread your work.

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