Management Report

In business it is necessary to articulate clearly what goals are being accomplished and what competencies and what objectives are being met in addition to the goals you are working to complete for the business. Additionally, communicating to leadership and documenting your actions provides you with experience in organizing, planning, leading and controlling the business giving you a personal sense of accomplishment.Complete a 2-3 page Management Report that addresses the following items: ● Review the list of course outcomes and professional competencies below. ● Answering the questions above, report on your experiences and observations, both positive and negative, connecting practice to the theory of the specific course outcomes and specific professional competencies you practiced this week. ● Discuss how you applied the course outcomes and professional competencies relating them to the theories and concepts from your research. ● Compose a 2-3 page Management Report (excluding title and reference pages) using APA formatting and citation style. ● Use a minimum of three references to support or refute your observations, thoughts, ideas, etc. ● Submit this to the Unit 4: Assignment Dropbox. Unit 4 [MT490 Career Engagement] Page 2 of 4 ● Also send a copy of the Management Report to your immediate Supervisor (Manager, Director, and VP). Course Outcomes MT490-1: Evaluate information management, planning, and control in business environments. MT490-2: Analyze organizational processes and procedures in a variety of business settings. MT490-3: Synthesize appropriate principles, concepts, and frameworks for making ethical decisions. MT490-4: Assess the roles that structure, management, and leadership play in organizational performance. MT490-5: Evaluate how economics, government, and law affect value creation in the global context MT490-6: Evaluate career skills in the field of business and management. Professional Competencies PC -1: Teamwork: Work in teams to achieve collective goals. PC 1.1: Engage in a team setting with professional integrity and respect. PC 1.2: Contribute to team goals and objectives through active participation and collaboration. PC 1.3: Apply conflict management skills to resolve issues and/or build team alliances. PC-2: Leadership: Demonstrate leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully lead teams within one\’s profession. PC 2.1: Achieve goals through planning and prioritization. PC 2.2: Formulate innovative solutions for identified initiatives. PC 2.3: Demonstrate integrity through the application of relevant codes of conduct and social responsibility within one\’s profession. PC 2.4: Develop an inspirational vision or mission. PC 2.5: Model leadership skills by developing trusting relationships, respect, conflict resolution skills, and civic-mindedness. PC-3: Personal Presentation: Demonstrate professionalism in a variety of situations. PC 3.1: Conduct oneself to reflect the professional characteristics and culture of a given work setting. Unit 4 [MT490 Career Engagement] Page 3 of 4 PC 3.2: Interact with others in a professional manner using appropriate communication and presentation skills. PC 3.3: Convey competence through demonstrating characteristics such as reliability, accountability, and timeliness. PC 3.4: Project a professional image, such as appearance, confidence, and attitude, for a given work environment. PC 3.5: Engage in career development and advancement strategies, including effective networking, mentoring, and creating a personal brand. PC 4: Multiculturalism and Diversity: Leverage the strengths of multiculturalism and diversity for the benefit of the organization and community. PC 4.1: Assess the value of multiculturalism and diversity in a global environment. PC 4.2: Demonstrate an understanding of how one’s perspective toward multiculturalism and diversity impacts an organization. PC 4.3: Apply concepts of multiculturalism and diversity to become an agent of change. PC-5: Communications: Demonstrate professional written and verbal communication to achieve positive results. PC 5.1: Use language that is clear, concise, and organized. PC 5.2: Use appropriate communication for a particular audience. PC- 6 Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Apply critical thinking and problem solving behaviors. PC 6.1: Incorporate data, inferences, and reasoning to solve problems. PC 6.2: Communicate the critical thinking process by which one arrives at a conclusion. PC 6.3: Integrate standards of the field and ethical principles into the problem solving process.

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