Managing the Global Supply Chain Assesment

2500 words (+/- 10%) that addresses the following questions, with reference to your allocated case study.

1.Using the House of Quality explain how the supply chain of the lead organisation contributes to customer value? From this identify the most important strategic and competitive priorities affecting the lead organisation, and explain why this is the case?

2.How is the supply chain structured? Map out (in words and diagrams) the stages that you can identify, the organisations involved in each stage and the functions they perform. How does the structure relate to your answer to Question 1?

3.How do the concepts of variation, uncertainty, buffering mechanisms and postponement relate to your case study supply chain? What role do supply chain quality management practices play in these concepts?

4.How have the competitive priorities identified in Question 1 influenced 3 of the following: local sourcing
ii.the number and choice of suppliers
iii.the types of buyer-supplier relationships that have developed
iv.adoption of new technologies
v.choice of downstream distribution channels
vii.logistics choices

In your report:
Include diagrams and tables to illustrate your answers.
Use a report format, including contents, introduction, main body, conclusions and recommendations and a list of references.
RELEVANT supporting evidence can be included in an appendix.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated summarise ALL sources in your own words and provide a comprehensive list of references (including the case study)
Instruction files

internationalsupplychainmgmtikeacasestudy.pdf(69,33 KiB)

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