TOPIC: If a company is to export its products overseas, what kind of changes, if any, does it have to make to its national marketing strategy to suit the local culture? Compare entry into both Denmark and Mexico as a focus for your critically analytical discussion of both theory and models, and give practical examples.
Additional information:
-Assignment is about export Marketing
-Include appendix
-Clear points that link to theories and frameworks
-Compare entry from UK to Denmark and Mexico
-Examples with variety of companies
-No more countries
-Don\’t do too much description
-PESTEL analysis impacts + implications Compare and contrast both markets
-5Ps analysis

Critically evaluate concepts, theories and models of marketing in the international situation and illustrate the same with markets indicated in the brief (weight 34%).
Monitor and critically evaluate developments in the international business environment and apply these to the international markets specified in the brief (weight 33%).
Search for, select and use effectively relevant data and information (weight 33%).
Have clear presentation with good layout on the page, clear language and good grammar and proof reading.
(Up to 5% marks will be deducted for poor presentation)
Reference correctly
(Up to 5% marks will be deducted for poor referencing)

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