Unit Essay
Write a three to four-page essay setting forth your interpretation and critical analysis of the reading assignment and media resource. Discuss the assigned case study (The Lunchroom Discontent Case) with regard to the principles and concepts found within the reading assignment.

Guiding Questions to Consider as You Read and Explore the Internet
Why is the practice of mediation pluralistic rather than homogeneous?
Is the pluralistic nature of the mediation field an advantage or disadvantage for parties seeking to resolve their conflict by mediation?
Should practice guidelines and standards be drafted to accommodate for the difference in the mediation models?
What is co-mediation?
When is co-mediation useful?
What is panel mediation?
In what arenas is panel mediation most commonly used and why?
What benefits does panel mediation provide to mediators and mediation programs?
Is online mediation a legitimate medium for which to conduct a mediation session?
What groups are suitable for online mediation?
Would co-mediation, panel mediation, and/or online mediation have been useful in the Purple House mediation case (The Promise of Mediation, page 131)?
The mediator in this case used a transformative model of mediation in a face-to- face setting. What model of mediation and medium do you think would best suit this case and why?
In what ways can the acquisition of mediation skills and information benefit individuals in their careers and life?

Unit Assignments

Required Media Resources
Goodman, J. W. (2003).The Pros and Cons of Online Dispute Resolution. Duke University.
Homepage of School Mediation Associates, a site containing information relating to the use of mediation in schools.
A site maintained by the Conflict Research Consortium at the University of Colorado that discusses civil rights mediation in the United States.

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