mental disorder/ discussion board

NEED MENTAL DISORDER PAPER 5/3/2016 NO MORE THAN TWO PAGES NEED DISCUSSION BOARD POST 5/6/2016Project 2_Mental Disorder Summary1. Check the Excel file in Blackboard for your topic2. Research your topic/disorder. Present information from credible and relevant sources.  • To use the TCC library for sources go here:   .  • For a list of what a source can be go here:    ).  • Here is what MUST be included in your projecto Description of the disorder Definition  Types of the disorder Prevalence Prognosiso Signs/Symptomso Causeso Treatments Biological Psychologicalo Other: In this section you can add any famous cases, newsworthy stories, or interesting facts about the disorder.3. Put the information in an annotated outline or a graphic organizer. Fill in the outline/organizer with brief phrases and words (NOT entire sentences) for each area and CITE your sources for each area. I have provided an example of an outline and a graphic organizer template in Bb in the Project 2 folder.  Feel free to make your own organizer.DISCUSSION BOARD TOPIC I WILL SEND YOU CLASSMATES POSTS FOR REPLIES LATER IN WEEKYou will create a thread in response to the provided prompt for each forum. Each thread must be at least 400 words, demonstrate course-related knowledge, and integrate at least 2 peer-reviewed articles. In addition to the thread, you will reply to the threads of at least 3 classmates. Each reply must be at least 250 words and contain at least 1 citation from a peer-reviewed journal and 1 from the textbook In the case “Singapore Air: Changing to Stay Ahead,” you discover that Singapore Airlines (SIA) has been ranked as the best airline in both independent and customer surveys for nearly 3 decades. It serves as a model of a continuously changing organization—continually modernizing, stretching, and serving customers in ways that stimulate strong loyalty and brand equity. It has been a leader of change in its industry while maintaining a lot of consistency, as well. Reflect on the continuous nature of change in every area of the company and respond to the following prompts as you prepare your thread:

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