Methods that link IT Governance to Business Goals

Project description
The term paper is to be 10 pages plus cover page. Any topic within IT Management is acceptable but I need to approve your topic first. It would be advantageous to select a topic covered in the text as the text offers foundational content and provides one of the necessary citations. A minimum of ten citations including the text is required. The APA citation guidelines must be followed. Please see below for some citation examples.

Use Arial font, size 12, 1-inch margins and double-spacing for writing format

The cover page is to include your name, class information, date, and instructor name in that order.

A one paragraph page summary of the research paper is required to follow the cover page (aka Abstract). A Draft ABSTRACT is due at the end of Week 1, specifying the topic to be researched with an added statement for what you intend to convey. In other words, “Tell me what you are going to tell me!”

Include a second paragraph in the final abstarct section explaining how the research was conducted (what specific tools, databases, etc. were used, how useful were these tools, keywords used, etc.)

This paper will be evaluated not only for content but on grammar (use your spell check and grammar check).

Technical Instructions

The Keiser Collegiate System Net Library will be employed for this research. Please do NOT use Sources other than those found through the Keiser Net Library. I prefer you use only Peer Reviewed Academic journals. You may also use trade journal articles from CMP Publishing (Computerworld, Information Week, etc.).

Please click on the Library Link located under the Course Home tab and follow the instructions for using LIRN A group of databases useful for searching for full text and abstracts of magazine and newspaper articles. Includes access to the E-Library; InfoTrac; and ProQuest Direct databases.

Once you have logged onto LIRN, you will see a selection of five different online research tools. I would suggest that you use INFOTRAC and/or PROQUEST. When using PROQUEST, check only those databases that apply to your research area, for example, leaving Childrens Module checked will yield little information on IT.

Use key words for your searches from the text book, for example, managing human resources and technology taken from chapter 9. Also, use advanced searches when possible and select full text as your results option as abstracts alone will not suffice for citation requirements.

For the technical elements of writing a term paper check out the Writing Help tab after Week 4 and How Tos in this course.

APA Citation Style

Journal or Magazine Article
(use for journals that start each issue with page one)
Wilcox, R. V. (1991). Shifting roles and synthetic women in Star trek:
The next generation. Studies in Popular Culture, 13(2), 53-65.

Journal or Magazine Article
(use for journals where the page numbering continues from issue to issue)
Dubeck, L. (1990). Science fiction aids science teaching. Physics
Teacher, 28, 316-318.

Newspaper Article
Di Rado, A. (1995, March 15). Trekking through college: Classes
explore modern society using the world of Star trek. Los Angeles
Times, p. A3.

Article from an Internet Database
(for more details, see the American Psychological Association’s official site)
Mershon, D. H. (1998, November-December). Star trek on the brain:
Alien minds, human minds. American Scientist, 86, 585. Retrieved
July 29, 1999, from Expanded Academic ASAP database.

Okuda, M., & Okuda, D. (1993). Star trek chronology: The history
of the future. New York: Pocket Books.

Book Article or Chapter
James, N. E. (1988). Two sides of paradise: The Eden myth according
to Kirk and Spock. In D. Palumbo (Ed.), Spectrum of the fantastic
(pp. 219-223). Westport, CT: Greenwood.

Encyclopedia Article
Sturgeon, T. (1995). Science fiction. In The encyclopedia Americana
(Vol. 24, pp. 390-392). Danbury, CT: Grolier.

ERIC Document
Fuss-Reineck, M. (1993). Sibling communication in Star trek: The next
generation: Conflicts between brothers. Miami, FL: Annual Meeting
of the Speech Communication Association. (ERIC Document
Reproduction Service No. ED 364932)

(for more details, see the American Psychological Association’s official site)
Lynch, T. (1996). DS9 trials and tribble-ations review. Retrieved
October 8, 1997, from Psi Phi: Bradley’s Science Fiction Club
Web site:

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