International Strategy and Mode of Entry (50 Points)

Read: Whitford, D., & Burke, D. (2011). Inside the quiet giant that rules the food business. Fortune, 164(7), 164-182.

Cargills CEO says, \”we don\’t say, \’We think the world\’s going to look like this, let\’s define our strategy for that world.\’ We say, \’We don\’t know what the world\’s going to look like. We need a strategy or a set of strategies that can be successful almost irrespective of what the world looks like (para 18).

Notice the case of Cargill in Vietnam. Explain in specific detail which international strategy the organization has adopted and the likely reasons why it used this strategy. Describe the mode of entry and its effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) in this situation, and finally, judge whether the company can continue to be successful with this strategy and mode of entry.


Your response should be 2-3 pages, well written, and formatted per CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Cite at least 2 credible sources in addition to your textbook that illustrate or support your points. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find credible sources. Also support your response with references to the textbook.
Be sure to use proper punctuation, spelling and grammar; points will be deducted accordingly.

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