Project description
There are 2 questions that should be answered. Each answer should be around 2 pages. the 1st question is following: \”In what respects is modern antisemitism a continuation of age old hostility to Jews and in what respects is it different? Did the emergence of the Jewish Question at the end of the nineteenth century reflect an entirely ne conceptualization of the Jew and his role in society? Why were the Jews the target foe the ire of the new Antisemitic movement? What forms did this new Antisemitism take?\”. The 2nd question is: \”In 1932 the Nazis became the largest party in the Reichstag, with Hitler assuming power in Germany as of January 1933. Considering that in 1928 the Nazis obtained a mere 6% of the vote in German national elections, how did the Nazi electoral victory come about? What were the long- and short-term causes that led Germans to vote Nazi? What role, if any, did the Jewish Question play in the Nazi electoral victory\”?
The sources will be attached.

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