Military Sexual Trauma

Project description

Write a Research Paper discussing military sexual trauma (including spiritual factors). Provide more than just a secular viewpoint or spiritual perspective. Balance the paper with both a biblical worldview and theoretical perspectives. Integrate them using journal articles or book chapters on the topics as sources. Cite everything. The references submitted for the Reference List in Module/Week 4 must be included in this assignment as well.
Make sure that every issue is examined as related to military personnel.

As expected in a 400-level class, APA style and grammar will be graded very strictly. Proofread carefully before submitting.
Make sure that all work is your own or is cited appropriately.the Research Paper is below 10 pages or exceeds 12 pages (excluding the TITLE PAGE, ABSTRACT & REFERENCES).
Include at least 12 current references (within the last 10 years). Points will be deducted for each missing current reference. The Bible and the course texts may be cited, but will not count toward the 12 required references.
Follow the most current edition of APA style.
The Research Paper will be graded on thoroughness, content, and use of theoretical material and integration of biblical perspective.

REFERENCES PAGE ATTACHED! Scholarly articles to be used are also attached.
Instruction files

encountering_women_veterans_with_military_sexual_trauma.pdf(139,05 KiB)
military_sexual_trauma_a_review_of_prevalence_and_associated_health_consequences_in_veterans.pdf(141,52 KiB)
gender_differences_in_military_sexual_trauma_and_mental_health_diagnoses_among_iraq_and_afghanistan_(File not exist or corrupt.)
military_sexual_trauma_among_recent_veterans.pdf(176,14 KiB)
a_conceptualization_of_processing_military_sexual_trauma.pdf(437,73 KiB)
military_sexual_trauma_current_knowledge_and_future_directions.pdf(161,76 KiB)
effects_of_cognitive_processing_therapy_on_ptsd-related_negative_cognitions_in_veterans_with_militar(File not exist or corrupt.)
military_sexual_trauma_in_men_a_review_of_reported_rates.pdf(233,08 KiB)
more_than_military_sexual_trauma.interpersonal_violence_ptsd_and_mental_health_in_women_veterans.pdf(244,94 KiB)
the_veterans_health_administration_and_military_sexual_trauma.pdf(112,81 KiB)
war_stories._discursive_strategies_in_framing_military_sexual_trauma.pdf(120,07 KiB)
military_sexual_trauma._a_silent_syndrome.pdf(6,40 MiB)
milt_475._carrie_ann_woodard._references_for_paper.docx(13,66 KiB)

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