Minority in America Soc Essay

SOC 241-80 FINAL EXAMYour final exam consists of two essay questions. For each you should provide a 500-word commentary. Each essay will be evaluated on the basis of :AccuracyScope and depthClarity of expressionDevelopment of thoughtSpelling and grammarYou may use the textbook but do use outside sources.  Write the essay in your own words.  If you use a short quote from the book, use quotation marks and give the page number in parentheses after it. Select any one minority group covered in Chapters 5 through 12 and 14, and discuss how their experiences illustrate some of the sociological concepts and/or theories discussed in Chapters 1 through 4.Avoid these traps:Do give a generic answer, that is, one in which any other group could be substituted and the essay still works. In other words, you need to be specific, not general, in your comments.Do t give a historical narrative. to your essay to illustrate the group\’s experiences through sociological analysis. Select a current controversial issue, such as one of those discussed in Chapter 15, You are to send this exam by email as a file attachment.  I will acknowledge receipt.  

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