Module 03 Course Project – Business and User Requirements Document Draft (Course Project Part 1)

Throughout the course you will build a plan for delivering an EHRS system to a healthcare facility. This plan will cover several of the phases of the project lifecycle, from establishing business requirements to planning what will be required to support and maintain the system once it is up and running.In order to complete this project, click on the link below to review and print the Good Apples Group Case. This document describes the Good Apples Group facility, the way they do business, and the need they have for an EHRS. Each component of the project is based on the needs of the Good Apples Group. You will be building a plan for delivering an EHRS system to Good Apples Group.    page in order to understand the overall needs of the organization and the specific business processes which the project should address. In response to these needs, prepare a draft requirements document which describes the following:   Note that these requirements should not include specific technical requirements, but instead must focus on the needs of the facility and of the people who will be using the project as an alternative means of performing business processes they already perform.Your paper should be approximately 3-5 pages in length.

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